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WHY A NATIONAL LUNA FRIDGE Three key design features help deliver the best refrigeration performance…. 1. Cooling plates that also form the inner walls deliver cooling to all inner walls from top to bottom, ensuring consistent temperatures all around the cabinet and fast “pull-down” times. 2. Insulation density – all National Luna fridge/freezers use parallel internal walls and outer cabinets…. this is to allow a unique insulation injection process where the inner and outer walls are supported in a special jig (a bit like a wool-bale press), so that the foam can be injected at higher pressure thus a higher density. So, just like “pink batt insulation” where an R3.0 batt outperforms an R2.5 batt for a similar thickness, it is the density of insulation that gives the improved performance without wasting space. Wall thicknesses range from 42mm to 60mm and we recommend for users wanting a full time Freezer, that you choose from our thick-wall range (40,65,72,80,95 & 125 Lt) or of course our 90 Twin which uses thick-wall on the 40Lt freezer side. 3. Door seals made the same as commercial fridges, with an air pocket that inflates and seals using the difference in air pressure between the cool inside and warm outside. No thin rubber strip seals in a National Luna! These key features combine with all the other National Luna design features and quality components to ensure the compressor can run for the shortest possible time which means low battery consumption and performance reserves for tough demands. OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES…. Choice of Models – Where freezer use is planned the 40Lt to 125Lt in our “thick wall” single bin range are ideal. Portable freezers that can actually freeze freshly caught fish in a safe time, and not just keep something frozen. And by adjusting your thermostat these models can also be super-efficient Fridges. Weekender models in 52Lt Single Bin (Fridge or Freezer) or 50Lt Twin Bin (40Lt Fridge & 10Lt Freezer) are the perfect size and layout for recreational users. The new 90Lt Twin offers “two in one” – a thick wall 40Lt Freezer, and a 50Lt Fridge but with individual controls so it can also be two freezers or two fridges and with just a single compressor to run it saves on space and battery power. 72Lt and 95Lt double door models also offer “thick wall” efficiency and individual control of each compartment for professional tour operators and catering companies, or anyone who wants premium performance and the separation of two lids. Metal construction – All National Luna fridge/freezers are built with stainless steel or aluminium internal and external walls. The durability benefits over plastic fridges are obvious…. but metal walls with integral cooling plates also give National Luna superior cooling, extra internal space, and high efficiency. A stainless steel chassis forms the “backbone” of every National Luna and includes keyhole slots for use in conjunction with an optional fixed Base Plate fitted with Mushroom head bolts (secure mounting without ropes or straps) Danfoss Compressors – German made and recognised as the most efficient portable fridge compressor in the world, National Luna use genuine Danfoss Compressors and Controllers as the heart of the performance, but then design their own fan-assisted condenser, full wall plate evaporator system, control panel and interface for maximum efficiency and reliability. Clever Controls – 12/24v DC can be connected at the same time as built-in 240v AC and National Luna will automatically use the 240v AC whenever it is available. It will revert to DC automatically if the mains power goes off – great for overnight stays in remote stations where the generators are turned off late at night. The controls also detect battery voltage and when the engine is charging the compressor will be run at high speed for maximum performance but automatically revert to battery save mode when the engine or charger is off. Turbo Mode can be used to over-ride this function. Digital Thermostats – simply set the temperature average you need and the National Luna controls will cycle the fridge around this temperature no matter whether it is a hot day or cold night. No need to constantly adjust the fridge to avoid freezing the vegies or even worse – risk warming the beer! After setting your desired temperature, the display reverts to showing you the internal cabinet temperature so you can see at a glance what is going on inside. Low Battery Cut-Out – adjustable and included on all models. On Weekender 50 & 52 Lt models the battery cut-out can be set using the built-in battery monitor indicators. When the battery cut-out is triggered, the compressor is stopped but the digital temperature display continues to show you internal temperatures so you are kept informed. Handles and Catches – stainless steel and heavy duty spring loaded fold-flat handles double as tie-down points. The lockable stainless steel catches ensure that even on the roughest roads the lid remains secure. Solar Panel Friendly – by ensuring the lowest possible battery consumption through clever design and quality components National Luna is ideally suited to solar applications and can typically use less solar array than most other portable fridges. Typically a 65-80watt panel is all that is needed to maintain a battery powering a National Luna fridge *** Obviously this is dependent on sun-hours and all the other variables, but our own experience and customer feedback supports the claim that National Luna uses less solar panel array – especially when comparing our larger size models with the competitor’s products. 3 Year Warranty – Even with the best design, quality and components, unfortunately sometimes things go wrong. We offer a full parts and labour 3 year voluntary warranty using both Authorised Service Agents and if necessary any reputable refrigeration service company if you happen to be in a remote location. We strive to get you going again quickly and with a minimum of hassle.

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