Waeco Fridges


WAECO – mobile technology to suit every lifestyle

WAECO is associated worldwide with expertise in mobile refrigeration and automotive air conditioning. It also stands for electronic comfort and safety car accessories. WAECO has a strong position in the aftermarket for cars, trucks, recreation vehicles and boats.

The CFX Series provide extreme cooling performance and energy efficiency. The range is equipped with strong latches, hinges, drop down handles and a genuine WAECO compressor with VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation) Mark 2.

Sizes Avaialable:

CFX5o 50L

CFX65DZ 61L *Dual Zone Fridge/ Freezer

CFX65 65L

The CoolFreeze portable refrigerator/freezer range keeps your food and drinks cold or frozen, even in the blistering heat. The range consists of compact size console options, mid-size value for money options, and large capacity requirement options.

CF50 47L

CF80 79L

CF80DZ 79L *Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer

CF110 105L



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